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Good? Venture!

We are passionate about what we do. And because the greatest joy comes from being in an environment that is just right, our figures, values, people and actions are all a perfect match.

Our values

Our values guide us – every step along the way. We treat each other with respect and appreciation. We believe that authenticity and a human touch in our dealings with one another help us advance and bring us closer together. Knowing that we are surrounded by loyal and reliable people gives us confidence, every day. The sense of joy that comes from success also motivates and inspires us.

Our facts

What do you need to know about us?

… are one of the leading Professional Congress Organisers in Germany
… specialise in medical and scientific congresses
… have been working and growing since 1992
have 4 offices and homeoffice units: Berlin, Düsseldorf, Freiburg and Wiesbaden
… think with 33 uniquely individual minds
… support and organise some 50 congresses a year
… are nationally and internationally active
… look after up to 12,000 participants per congress
… are proud of 900 exhibiting companies each year

Our responsibility

Measuring up to your responsibility is actually pretty easy: you should always live and act in a way that benefits the environment and people. We have a few good ideas on the subject that we are focused on making reality.

Firmly committed: We support rightandfair, the sustainability code of the German-speaking events industry.
Going green: Deutsche Bahn event tickets (Veranstaltungstickets) with 100% green energy for our congress participants
Saving paper: Over 50% less paper used for the DKOU preliminary and main programme since 2012 (thanks to the introduction of a smartphone app and the expansion of online programmes, mailings and newsletters)
Flexibly structured: Good, practical part-time models make it possible to strike a healthy work-life balance.
Planning fair: Employees can participate in internal training courses and meetings even while they are on parental leave.
Always welcoming: Temporary childcare problems? Bring your kids to work! Office dogs are also always welcome.
Frankly speaking: Everyone – from on-the-job trainees to department heads – can weigh in with their ideas!
Thinking ahead: For years, we have been training up-and-coming talents to counteract the shortage of specialists.

“We give ourselves and our employees the space, time and freedom to think outside the box. We live sustainability.”

― Sabine de Fries, Sustainability Manager

“What has been the key to Intercongress’s success over the past 30 years? The hearts, minds and spirit of every single one of our employees!”

― Diana Kraus, Managing director