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Everyone is always talking about teamwork. We prefer to call it teamlife – with a lot of work.

Enthusiasm pros

Professional congress management calls for intense passion and a level head, fervent enthusiasm and clear vision. We are part of a dynamic industry in which precision is also of the essence. With us, this mix is simply perfect.

Knowledge friends

You learn something new every day. That is why Intercongress brings together a wide range of different talents and people – and why we actively share knowledge and skills to constantly grow better.

Experience finders

Organising congresses, planning them and making sure that everything from A to Z is perfectly prepared is a remarkable feat indeed. Being front and centre on the big day is an experience in and of itself.

Energy focusers

Working independently and lending a strong helping hand are closely linked. And sometimes you have to think outside the box and give people the space and freedom for creative ideas that result in solutions. That is part of our success.

Jobs & Training

  • Job opportunities

    Do you want to become part of the Intercongress team? Then take a look at our job vacancies here.


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